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Fiscal Year January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020


The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has declared a Level 1 Drought Response in 103 counties, including Jackson, in response to worsening drought conditions across much of the state. The Level 1 Drought Response requires public water utilities to provide information to help water customers understand drought, its impact on water supplies, and the need for conservation.

               The City of Hoschton Water Department suggests the following actions to conserve this vital resource:

                                           -Reduce showers by 2 minutes to save 5 gallons per shower

                                           -Limit automatic dishwashing to FULL loads to save at least 2 gallons per load

                                           -Wash FULL loads of laundry to save water

                                          -Fix leaky faucets; a leak of 60 drips per minute wastes 192 gallons a month

                                           -Install rain sensors on irrigation systems to avoid watering during rain

                                            -Outdoor watering should be limited to between the hours of 4pm and 10am


The City of Hoschton is a small community and a wonderful place to call home.  It is located just off Interstate 85 in Jackson County in north Georgia, about 35 miles northeast of the Atlanta perimeter.  Jackson County is included in the 10 fastest growing counties in the country yet offers an abundance of open spaces and unspoiled views of the state’s Piedmont Region – just south of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Our climate is moderate, pleasant, and enjoyable for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Our city mixes the advantage of small town living and the convenience of being less than 45 minutes from urban areas such as Athens, Gainesville and metro Atlanta for shopping, dining and entertainment.  On behalf of all of our citizens, please visit our community and make yourself at home!