The City of Hoschton is a small community and a wonderful place to call home.  It is located just off Interstate 85 in Jackson County in north Georgia, about 35 miles northeast of the Atlanta perimeter.  Jackson County is included in the 10 fastest growing counties in the country yet offers an abundance of open spaces and unspoiled views of the state’s Piedmont Region – just south of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Our climate is moderate, pleasant, and enjoyable for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Our city mixes the advantage of small town living and the convenience of being less than 45 minutes from urban areas such as Athens, Gainesville and metro Atlanta for shopping, dining and entertainment.  On behalf of all of our citizens, please visit our community and make yourself at home!



The City of Hoschton has authorized their Consulting Engineers to undertake a water main improvement project consisting of upgraded water lines to improve water quality, flow, and fire protection.

Phase one of these improvements will include new water mains along West Jackson Road, SR 53 (from West Jackson to West Jefferson, and from Towne Center Pkwy to Peachtree Rd), West Jefferson Street, White Street, Industrial Blvd, Towne Center Pkwy, Pendergrass Road (from Towne Center Pkwy to New St and New Street.

The Engineers will be surveying along these roads and streets over the next several weeks in order to design the most feasible locations for the new water mains.  The Engineers may be locating property corners but will not be traversing any private property.



JUNE 2021

This report includes the items that City Hall Staff and I have been working since the May Council Meeting:

  1. Good news, Senator Raphael Warnock announced the City of Hoschton received final notification from ARC for $600,000 in grant funding for the North Water Tank Project. We had received word that the grant was pre-approved, but the final confirmation was received on May 20th in a press release from Warnock’s office.  The City also received the ARC paperwork to be completed accepting the grant award and the grant conditions for the construction of the tank and completion of the project.
  2. The City’s Police Chief Consultant advised that the City has received over 25 applications to date for the new Police Chief’s position. The review process has started, and the City Council should be receiving their recommendation for the best three qualified applicants for interviews by the Mayor and City Council within the next several weeks.  Additionally, the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual has been revised and updated and most of the documentation for reactivation of the Hoschton Police Department has been completed and sent to the respective state agencies for approval.  Remaining items include speed detection permit renewal, FCC operating radio frequency assignment, and final approval from GCIC on the reporting numbers.
  3. The GMA City Manager list serve for job applications has produced four (4) interested candidates for the City Manager position. The listing expires on May 31st and the candidates will be evaluated and interview selections determined by the Mayor and Council made after that date.
  4. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department continues to patrol city streets during the day and night at varying times to slow down traffic within the city at request of the Mayor and Council. Numerous citations have been issued to date.
  5. State required DDA in-person training was held on the 27th at the Hoschton Depot by the UGA Carl Vincent Institute of Government. I will conduct a planning and visioning session on Monday of this week with the newly appointed DDA Board members to help them get started on their plan of work for the remainder of this year.
  6. The City partnered with the Town of Braselton on a Request for Bids for GDOT LMIG street resurfacing projects. The winning lowest qualified bidder was Sunbelt Asphalt Surfaces, Inc.  Braselton has awarded the contract to Sunbelt and asphalt paving should begin on these projects within the next 30-45 days.  Rebuilding and resurfacing West Jefferson Street was the City’s LMIG project beginning at Walnut Street and ending at the City Limits on Josh Pirkle Road behind U Line.  LMIG Funds was banked for two years to help assist with the paving costs with the remainder of the funds coming from SPOLST VI and the General Fund.  The total repaving bid was $231,836.47.
  7. The Panther Court Sewer Upgrade Project Easement acquisition is almost complete. There were 23 easements needed to be acquired by Prime Acquisitions, the firm hired by the City to assist with this process, before the project could be begin.  Most of those easements have been acquired and closing dates are being scheduled by our City Attorneys with the property owners.
  8. Several Ordinances to include a new Cemetery and Golf Cart / Multi Use Paths Ordinance and the Schedule of Fees have been revised and updated and will be on the June Council Agenda for approval.
  9. Other items of interest include collaborating with Jackson EMC on the renewal of the expired Jackson EMC Franchise Fee Agreement and an Agreement with the Jackson County BOE for use of the North Water Tank Site Property across from the West Jackson Fire Department.
  10. And finally, the 2020 City Audit has been completed by our audit firm Alexander, Almand & Bangs, LLP and will be presented to Mayor and Council at the June Council Meeting.

Respectively submitted,

Gary M. Fesperman

Interim City Administrator